Adult Classes
NEW CLASS at Hutton Community Centre Harrison Close Hutton Brentwood CM13 1LP
Every Monday
Beginners Mon 19:30-20:15 Practice for all 20:15-20:45
Improvers  20:45-21:30

SpringHealth Leisure Studio, Brian Close, Great Baddow, Chelmsford CM2 9DZ
Every Thursday
Beginners 1 and Improvers 8.30-9.30 (in separate studios) practice for all 9.30-10.30

Great Dunmow Great Dunmow Primary School, Walnut Walk, Woodlands Park Drive, Great Dunmow CM6 1ZR
Every Friday
Beginners 1 Fri 19:00-19:45  Beginners 2 19:00-19:45
Practice for all  19:45-20:15
Improvers 20:15-21:00

Unique Advantage
Simply the West have the unique advantage of having one male and one female teacher in some classes so help you learn much quicker.

Tel: 01621 850195 – 07880 605105 – 07709 947671
Email: [email protected]

15 Responses to Classes

  • Please can you tell me how much your classes are please.

    Many thanks

  • I would like to learn ballroom dancing
    how much is it to come to the beginners class in breantwood? Also what is the age range that goes? Thank you

    • Hello EmmaThe beginners class is £6 and when you have learnt a few dances you can stay for the practice which is a further £2 + tea/coffee/biscuits.The age range is varied,We have 3 couples in their 30s and some couples in the 50/60/70

  • Hello,

    My husband and I are interested in learning to ballroom dance.

    Please can you advise when the next course is due to start and any details that we need to know.

    many thanks

    Michelle Silver

    • Hello Michelle

      I apologise for the late reply but we have just returned from teaching on a cruise ship.We hold classes in Brentwood, Loughton and Great Dunmow so which class would you be interested in?If you would like to email me for further info, my email is [email protected] Many thanks Linda and John

  • Hi, I’m looking for ballroom and latin classes for my 10 year old daughter and am struggling to find classes that don’t include street/hip hop etc which she has no interest you do childrens classes and if so where/when and how much.
    many thanks

  • Hi my daughter would like to start ballroom and latin. Our nearest class would be Loughton what days and times do you hold the classes?She is 18, would she need to bring a partner? Thanks Karen

    • Hello KarenI’m not sure if I have already replied to your message but if not then just to let you know that unfortunately we no longer have a class at Loughton.Please let me know if you would be interested in any of the other classes.Regards Linda and John

  • Hello,
    Do you still run classes in Maldon, if so when? Would it matter if I came to a beginners class without a partner?

    Thank you, Mary

  • Hello,
    I am an ex dancer but never learnt ballroom. I don’t currently have a partner but I would love to learn.
    Could I still come to Dunmow or Chelmsford classes. What are te age ranges too?

    • Hello Jennysorry for the delay in replying.You would be welcome to come to either Chelmsford or Great Dunmow classes.We have beginners and beginners + at 7.15-8.00 at Great Dunmow every Friday and beginners and beginners + at Great Baddow 8.30-9.30 every Thursday.Most of our couples are 50+ and I’m afraid we don’t currently have any spare partners but if you don’t mind learning on your own please come along.Best regards John and Linda

  • Hi, I would like to go to your beginners classes in Chelmsford, I am 60 would there be ladies available for me to dance with? or would I have to learn without one.

    Regards Ray

    • Hello Raysorry for the delay in replying but our website has been down.At present we don’t have any single ladies available but you could come along and try the class if you would like.Best regards John and Linda West

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